At Pro Fence Rockhampton we offer a wide range of services, such as fencing, gates, and balustrading. Over the years, we have provided fencing services to both residential and commercial clients across Rockhampton. Our team comprises skilled fencing contractors who are experienced with a wide range of installation and repair demands. 

Designing and installing balustrades is one of the services we provide to local businesses and homeowners. We take pride in our workmanship and always strive to deliver exceptional results. We are aware of the building codes and regulations in Queensland, and always ensure the balustrades we install adhere to the national guidelines. 

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The law requires timber decks that are at least one metre off the ground to have handrails. We design and install different balustrades, such stair balustrades, balcony balustrades, and handrails. All these aforementioned products have safety guidelines and regulations that we are familiar with and abide by.

wire balustrading for outdoor deck

When it comes to stainless steel wire balustrading, our contractors are some of the most experienced providers in Rockhampton. Over the years, our contractors have worked with several local clients, crafting top-quality stainless steel balustrade for commercial and domestic use. We always strive to ensure our fencing designs align with our clients goals. When balconies and balustrades are not properly maintained, they become a serious safety risk. 

If you want to build or repair balustrades, you must ensure that they are constructed as per national regulations. Our technicians know how to take appropriate measurements to make durable and long-lasting balustrades. We have a variety of balustrades, and you have the freedom to choose what suits your requirements. We install balustrades using timber, metal, wire and even glass. Glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular as they provide an unobstructed view from your deck or balcony. Glass balustrade is characterised by beauty and transparency; hence can enhance the value of your home. 

wire and wood balustrade for patio
glass balustrade on balcony

We have a few different glass balustrading options, such as frameless and semi-frameless, clear and frosted. Our specialists can help you select the right type of glass before we install the balustrades in your home or business.  We prioritise quality, and we utilise the best fittings in all our custom designs and installations. We tailor-make our balustrades to fit the structure of your building. Our technical team knows how to build the right balustrade in your home or business to achieve an excellent finish. One of the cheapest options we have available is aluminium balustrades. 

These are commonly used because of their durability and style. The cost of aluminium balustrade depends on quality, size, and market demands. But generally are more affordable than materials such as glass and timber.  Aluminium balustrades are also easy to maintain and install, and are therefore one of the more popular options in Rockhampton. Whether you need balustrades for residential, commercial, retail, or industrial purposes, you can get top-notch results with us at Pro Fencing Rockhampton. Call us today for free consultation or a quote.