Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing

We supply and install colorbond fencing to home owners and developers across Rockhampton. If you’re looking at having colorbond fences installed on your property, you’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience supplying residential and commercial clients with this type of metal fencing. Colorbond is one of the most affordable and popular metal fences in Australia.

The folded sheet metal is long-lasting, comes in a wide variety of colours and is very low maintenance. If you have carpentry experience it is possible to install these panels yourself. However you’ll still need to anchor and align fence posts into the earth which requires a lot of precision to achieve a stable and long lasting result. If you’d like us to supply and install colorbond fencing for you we have experts available to ensure you get a premium finish at an affordable price.

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grey colorbond fence with stained wodden gate

Colorbond fencing is very durable and resistant to all kinds of damage from scratches to dents. The sheet metal is blended with high-quality paint to achieve it’s colour and sturdy finish. By melding the paint with metal, you won’t need to worry about the colour peeling off or fading over the years. Being a metal fence, colorbond provides a very secure barrier that holds up against everything from people and wildlife to rain, wind and sun. With a variety of colours to choose from, it is easy to align the fence with the colours of your home.

Whether you want subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, we can help you find a colour that matches your home. Colorbond fence looks great on both sides of the wall, and when properly installed, won’t have gaps or footholds. We have products available to Rockhampton residents and have a range of addons available such as lattice beams and post caps. Many homeowners and fence builders prefer colorbond steel fences over other materials because they are rot, rust, and fire resistant. They also require very little maintenance and look brand new for years.

cream colorbond fence in corner of garden
new colorbond fence for commercial property

Being such a sturdy material, colorbond fencing can withstand the wide range of weather conditions we see in Rockhampton. From heatwaves to thunderstorms, this is by far the most weather resistant fencing solution money can buy. We prioritise delivering premium finishes at affordable rates in the hope that we will be your first thought for fencing solutions in the future. With our vast experience, we take pride in providing top-quality colorbond fencing services to the people of Rockhampton.

Our skilled installers are experienced in building and maintaining fences that meet the Australian guidelines and regulations. A colorbond fence is appropriate for increasing the security and privacy of your home. With the fence installed around your perimeter, you are fully protected against intruders and animals. Whether you need a colorbond fence installed for your home, business, school or farm, we have the tools and experience to ensure your fence looks great and lasts for years. Give us a call on 0450 472 021 to discuss the best solution for your project. We also offer pool fencing, Gate installation, glass balustrades services.

cream colorbond fence installation