Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Need a new fence to match your new swimming pool? We have a great range of pool fencing solutions on offer to homeowners across Rockhampton. From frameless glass to simple aluminium fences, there are a variety of products on offer and we’re sure to have a solution that suits both your aesthetic and your budget. Our team of experienced fencing contractors are adept at building and maintaining pool fences that meet the required safety standards in Queensland. Proper pool fencing is essential to ensure the safety of family and friends enjoying your swimming pool. We specialise in pool fence design, repair, installation, and maintenance.  

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A secure swimming pool means that your family, visitors, and pets are protected from water-related hazards. Keeping children and pets safe are the top priorities when fencing your pool. There are a number of factors to take into consideration to guarantee the area is safe at all times. Some of these include: a fence height of at least 1.2m, a gap of less than 100mm between fence bars, and self closing gates.

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Whether you need steel pool fencing,  aluminium fencing, channel glass fence or frameless glass, we’ve got a practical and affordable solution to suite your need. Over the years, we have installed and maintained pool fences for many homeowners across Rockhampton. We always use high quality products such as aluminum with anti-rust durabond coatings to avoid rust or corrosion compromising your fence. This also makes for a more weather resistant surface so your fence will last longer under the beating Rockhampton sunshine. Our technicians are adept at creating custom fences tailored to your unique requirements. 

If your swimming pool is an unusual shape, you might be concerned about how a fence will look once installed. Fortunately, we design and build custom panels that accommodate changes in terrain. Our pool fences can curve and turn with the shape of your pool. If this style of custom pool fencing is outside of your budget, we have cheaper solutions that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing. With our vast experience, we can guarantee beautiful results that align with your goals. From fence design to installation, surface protection and repairs, you can rely on us to build a gorgeously pool fence to match your home.

Glass fencing is a striking and unique style to ensure your pool is both attractive and safe. With glass there are no small gaps in between fence bars when smaller animals can enter and exit. This is ideal if you have small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. It’s also the most visually appealing type of pool fencing as it secures the premise without obstructing the view. If you want to keep your child safe around the pool, then you should think of self-closing hinges. Our technicians use self-closing hinges that are specifically manufactured for frameless glass pool fencing. 

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Self-closing hinges are designed to close themselves from any position when fully or slightly opened. We supply and install all kinds of glass barriers to pool enthusiasts throughout Rockhampton. Some of these include, frosted, acrylic, frameless and channel glass. We can install glass fences into most surfaces including stone, concrete, decking and turf. Maintaining glass fences is easy; you only need to wash them with clean water and soap to ensure they stay clear and sparkling. Once installed, the fence will secure the perimeter of the pool and keep everyone safe at all times. Getting your pool fence right the first time is essential for the safety of your family and friends. Give us a call today to enquire about our services or to get a free quote.